Finding Your Musical Voice

Teacher Spotlight: Joseph Satralkar

How I Became a Musician

Is It Time For A Second Guitar? (Hint: Yes!)

Guide to the NFMC Junior Festival

Teacher Spotlight: Brendan Daly

Musical New Year’s Resolutions

Teacher Spotlight: Abigail Sykes

Teacher Spotlight: Tony Gibson

Thank You to Our 2020 Winter Recital Sponsors!

How to Listen to Music: Tips for Active Music Listening

Teacher Spotlight: Annie Lagomasino

Teacher Spotlight: Yini Hao

What Is the Purpose of Music?

Teacher Spotlight: Victor Ezquerra

Music Therapy in School Settings with Severe and Profound Diagnoses

The Benefits of Online Music Classes

The Difference Between Acoustic, Electric and Digital Instruments

Reflections on Rock Band Camp

Student Spotlight: Brodie Gross

What is Blues Music?

How Are Musical Sounds Created?

Staff Spotlight: Brandon Robold

The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Making Music Education Accessible for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Teacher Spotlight: Kristen Van Dyke

Songwriter Spotlight: Ava Darnell

Songwriter Spotlight: Emma House

Songwriter Spotlight: Ulises Ramirez Sanroman

Songwriter Spotlight: Georgia Grein

The Potential of Digital Instruments: Part 1

Student Spotlight: Ava Darnell

Choosing Guitar Picks

Metro Music Makers can help you make your Spring Break Staycation FUN!

5 Great Websites for Music Education at Home

Teacher Spotlight: Mark Grundhoefer

2020 Summer Camps at Metro Music Makers

Student Spotlight: Sydney Musembi

Why you should consider online music lessons

Making Your Music Goals Happen

The Power of Love (Songs)

Valentine's Day Gifts for Musicians

Music Therapy Intervention Series: Drawing to Music

Teacher Spotlight: Michael Pagel

Student Spotlight: Lulu Dobson

My Year in Songwriting

Your (son's) holiday vacation Disney playlist

Your (daughter's) holiday vacation Disney playlist

Tell Your Face: Using Expressions to Communicate Emotion in Your Performance

Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Cauthen

Music Therapy Intervention Series: Lyric Discussion

Updating how you teach to reach today’s students

SOS: Singing While You're Sick

Student Spotlight: Keshav Gurudutt

The Journey of a Music Therapist Series

The Journey of a Music Therapist: The Importance of Self-Care

Teacher Spotlight: Badie Khaleghian

The Journey of a Music Therapist: The Job Search

Student Spotlight: Jensen Plachy

Student Spotlight: Amelia Tiemann

The Journey of a Music Therapist: Passing the CBMT Exam (part 2)

Student Spotlight: Andy Miller

The Journey of a Music Therapist: Passing the CBMT Exam (part 1)

Teacher Spotlight: Aria Taboada

Student Spotlight: Rini Bokil

The Journey of a Music Therapist: Internship 101

Songwriting: Playing what you hear in your head

Student Spotlight: Guillermo Guerrero

Prepping for the gig

How to perfect your craft

Student Spotlight: Brooke Snowball

How to sing and play at the same time

Circuit bending creation: the Caliphoner

Student Spotlight: Lawson Snowball

Student Spotlight: Janaki Udayarajan

Staff Spotlight: Nita McKoy-Hamm

Teacher Spotlight: J.T. Lee

The secret sounds of circuit bending

The fear of me: how fear of ourselves might be holding us back

My 2019 challenge: ambitious—and hopefully inspiring

Teacher Spotlight: Sara Longwell

Take a vacation, but not from your music!

Trombone Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

A dose of inspiration: The story of Billy McLaughlin

Music Therapy Family Spotlight: The Sidwell Family

How to teach a love of music

Meet Hanson Greenwell, our February Teacher of the Month!

Is anyone listening to music?

Meet Justin Boyd

Metro Music Makers students win big at Reflections

Happy Holidays from Metro Music Makers!

Thank You To Our 2018 Holiday Recital Sponsors!

How To Shop For Your Student's First Guitar

Making Holiday Music Memories

7 tips for memorizing music

Meet our November Teacher of the Month: Grace Mason!

Thanksgiving reflections: gratitude for my unknowing mentor

Meet Interactive Metronome Part 1: Benefits of IM Training at Metro Music Makers

What to expect on your first and last lesson

Meet our October Teacher of the Month: Josh Fisher

New Music Video by Teacher Angelina Barrett Stars Metro Music Makers Student Anna Anderson

Spotlighting LGBTQ Musicians and Composers

Singing with proper posture

Then and now: the history of music therapy

Night Light, a song inspired by a little girl and fireflies

Meet our September Teacher of the Month: Kristen Van Dyke

Five Tips And Tricks For Musicians

How to survive (and thrive in) your first voice lesson

How to Introduce Female Composers in Your Lessons

Exercising Your Practice Time

Meet our August Teacher of the Month: Mark Grundhoefer

Learning to play the drums

The pitfalls of learning music from YouTube

"How do you write music without words?"

Should you record at home or in a studio?

Encouragement for when it gets tough

Learn a new style: The mandolin

Guitar Technique: Less is More

Learn a New Style: The Slide Guitar

Meet Amber Woodall

Why you should watch your own recital performance

Congratulations to Dia Sengupta, our May Student of the Month!

Meet Angelina Sherie

Learn a New Style: The Banjo

Benefits of Mainstream Performance for Children with Special Needs

What your music teacher really thinks about you (hint: it’s a good thing!)

Meet Laura Anne Cotney

Recording Made Simple

Learn A New Style: Jazz Guitar

Meet Sarah Cauthen

Learn a new style: classical guitar

Musical guilt — and why you should let go of it

A Metro Music Makers Galentine’s Day Playlist

The power of love (songs)

Valentine Gifts for Your Favorite Musician or Music Lover!

Teaching Music Lessons for Children with Anxiety and/or Depression

Meet Badie Khaleghian

Thank you to our 2017 Holiday Recital sponsors!

Don't let fear keep you from performing

Recording and publishing your own music

Why you should discuss your child's diagnosis with your music teacher

Meet Aria Taboada

Bringing music into the special needs family: At-home music activities for you and your children

Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder in children

Teaching Music Lessons for Children with Learning Disabilities

Tips on being a pro when you're still young

Meet Sara Longwell

How To Choose A Musical Instrument Based On Your Personality

Play "Tricks" This Halloween With Spooky Sounds

Meet Our October Student of the Month: Karina Shah

How to make the violin [fun]ky

3 ways an adaptive lesson is different from a regular lesson

Meet J.T. Lee

Vocal Recovery 102

How to practice smarter, not harder

Meet Chelsea Smith

Music therapy and adaptive lessons: What if my child doesn't have a diagnosis?

Making Mistakes and Knowing How to Recover

Why your student should play bass (and other instruments)

Meet Our August Student of the Month: Leah Rappaport!

Am I Too Old to Start Learning an Instrument?

Meet Kristen Van Dyke

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Music Therapy

Money Isn't Everything: Balancing Life As a Musician

Meet Our July Student of the Month: Jake Palgon

Music Therapy: Who is it for?

As Atlanta's film industry grows, so can your child's talent and skill

Music Lesson Survival Guide for the Music Teacher, Student and Parent

How to practice during the busy summer break!

Meet Alicia DeLoach Thompson

Meet Our May Student of the Month: Adrienne Self!

The perfect age for starting voice lessons

Metro Music Makers brings the joy of music to families served by HomeStretch

Meet Melanie Latty

Metro Music Makers brings the joy of music to your school too!

Tips for the singer with seasonal allergies

Why we recommend piano for adaptive lessons

Meet Mark Grundhoefer

Celebrating our students' hard work at Festival

Why you should take your music-loving kids to Nashville

Meet Our March Students of the Month: Charlotte and Daniel Llop

Music's imprint on your life

4 Simple Ways to Become a Better Music Listener

Meet Allison Boyd, our president and a member of our music therapist team

How to have a productive band practice

Meet our newest music therapist, Kristen Van Dyke

Meet our Director of Music Therapy, Sara R. Longwell

Metro Music Makers Brings Therapeutic Groups To Young And Old (Part Two)

Metro Music Makers Brings Therapeutic Groups to Young and Old (Part One)

Cover songs: Not just for karaoke

Audition tips and tricks for the elementary student

Warming Up for Performance

Go practice!

Dread not the Dreadnought: The case for acoustic instruments

Making Music Part of Your Child’s World

Meet Our October Student of the Month: Tanay Iyengar!

Welcoming Ben Israel Thompson, guest artist

September Student of the Month: Sonakshi Mishra!

Practice Tips For Parents

Meet Our August Student of the Month: Hayley Newton!

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