Finding Your Musical Voice

4/26/21 11:08 AM / by Metro Music Makers posted in guitar, Music Appreciation, Music Lessons, Performance Tips, Piano, voice


written by Metro Music Makers instructor Dr. Victor Ezquerra

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Becoming your Music, Sharing your Art

3/25/13 1:42 PM / by Allison posted in guitar, guitar lessons, guitar lessons Alpharetta, guitar lessons atlanta, in-home music lessons, learn guitar, Performance Tips


Playing music is such a personal experience. Performing is taking that personal experience and sharing it with any number of people.  If you have the desire to share your work, your progress, your art, then you will love and seek out any avenue to do so.  Sure, the first few performances could be rough or scary, but it will definitely be thrilling!  You might walk off stage wondering WHAT just happened and why it felt so short.  And can't wait to do it again!  If you don't find this desire to perform your music, try it anyway.  Performing is a life changing experience AND a skill to learn and practice, benefiting many aspects of a successful education and career.

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3 Tips For Picking Out A New Guitar

3/21/13 12:21 PM / by Allison posted in guitar atlanta, guitar instructor, play guitar, buying a guitar, guitar, Guitar, guitar lessons, guitar lessons Alpharetta, guitar shop, learn guitar


Purchasing a new guitar can be intimidating, especially for a new player.  There are so many guitars to choose from it can get confusing and quite overwhelming.  On top of that, there is always the risk of running into the “eager” salesmen, known to push either expensive guitars and gear or cheap guitars that you can’t even play.  As a guitar instructor, I've had a chance to see a variety of different students with a variety of different guitars.  I've witnessed countless students show up to their first lesson with a guitar that is either inappropriate for them and their level of playing, or is simply nothing more than an over-sized toy.  I've decided to share some simple tips for new players on what they should consider when purchasing a guitar. There are many things to think about, from price to hardware, types of wood to the types of pickups.  But for me, there are only three main things a new guitarist should consider when purchasing a guitar; how it sounds, how it plays, and how it looks.

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