Find Your Best Tone by Singing Your Favorite Vowel

10/3/13 1:57 PM / by Allison posted in singing lessons, Miscellaneous, singer, singing, singing vowels, voice, voice lessons, voice teacher


singing vowelsAs all veteran singers know, vowels are the meat-and-potatoes of our trade.  However, I want to explain to young singers just a few of the different ways they may use vowels in their practicing to enhance their vocal skills.  In this article I’ll talk about the importance of finding favorite vowels, round vowel sounds, when to modify vowels, and singing legato by focusing on vowels.

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Head Voice, Chest Voice, and Instinct

5/1/13 8:29 PM / by Allison posted in Vocal Tips, voice lessons alpharetta, chest voice, head voice, learn to sing, singers, singing, voice, voice lessons


I know many singers, voice teachers, choir directors, and anyone who works with singers are well aware of these terms head voice and chest voice.  However, not all professionals agree on their meanings.  For this reason, I’d like to offer my definitions, and I invite other singers and voice teachers to respond with their own thoughts.

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Taking the Plunge - Open Mic Night

3/14/13 5:24 PM / by Allison posted in musicians, audience, open mic, open mic night, Performance Tips, performing, singing, songwriter

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So you’ve practiced a ton in your room by yourself, and you’ve worked up a couple of songs that you’re ready to play in front of people.  It’s probably time for you to hit up an open mic to practice singing into a microphone and hearing yourself through the monitors.  You can practice by yourself all you want; but if you want to be a performer, you’ve got to get onstage and in front of an audience.

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Sneak Peek into the World of Opera

2/20/13 10:28 PM / by Allison posted in Miscellaneous, music, opera, singers, singing, voice


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